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 Cyclone II 

Cyclone is our stallion. He is a Descendant of the famous Misty of Chincoteague. When I first laid eyes on Cyclone all I could say was “Wow!” Gorgeous does not even begin to describe him. I am so incredibly blessed to own such a beautiful and sweet stallion. His head is put together perfectly and his ears come to a fine regal point. His color is amazing! He has a very dark bay and in the right lighting dapples will show up. He has both bear tracks and ermine spots indicating that he is homozygous for the pinto gene and indeed he has not thrown a solid baby yet. He passes his sweet and friendly personality on to his boys. There is so many good things I can say about this boy, he is truly a gem!


                                                             Sire's Sire: Windjammer

                                      Sire: Nightmist

                                                             Sire's Dam: Windy

 Cyclone II

                                                            Dam's Sire: Sand piper                              

                                     Dam: Sea Storm

                                                            Dam's Dam: Rain Cloud


 Foal Date: April 25, 2008

 A video of Cyclone

                      More Pictures of Cyclone can be viewed on my facebook page





Cyclone's Babies

2011- Black pinto Gelding "Firefly Mist"-

2011-Bay pinto Gelding "Moontide Mist"-

2012- Bay Pinto Filly

2013-Bay pinto gelding "Misty's Dash For Freedom"-


 2013- Bay Pinto Gelding "Hart's Skip For Joy


 2015-bay pinto colt "Hart's Dancing Jubilee"